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Company Information

Daryl Macbeth President 
Robert L. HallSecretary/Treasurer
J. Mitchell HillVice President

History of Industrial Container

     Operating out of his basement, Reid Johnson began Industrial Container as an individual proprietorship in 1962. His main product was an industrial gallon bottle that he sold to the chemical industry. Naturally the family station wagon was the first delivery vehicle.

     Joseph Goodman joined Reid as a minority partner in April 1966 and on July 5, 1966 they incorporated Industrial Container and Supply Co., Inc. under the laws of the state of Utah.

     Over time the business grew and expanded from the basement into various warehouses and is currently contained in a warehouse equaling 143,000 square feet of stock. The family station wagons have long since been replaced by delivery vans and a fleet of semi-tractor, trailer units that make daily, (except for week-ends) deliveries across the Wasatch Front from Salem to the South and Logan to the North.

     As a “stocking distributor” Industrial Container represents the major suppliers to the industry by carrying in stock over 2500 separate items. Dealing in plastic, steel and glass containers of all shapes and sizes; Industrial also carries the lids, pumps and other attachments to complete the package.

     With a customer base extending to all 50 states, Industrial Container does not force minimum quantity orders. Most items are shipped the same day or within 24 hours and a variety of easy payment options are available.

     Industrial Container serves the food, nutritional supplement, personal care, dairy, mining, construction and chemical industries. In addition to a complete customer service staff available to answer your questions on packaging, we also have a complete silkscreen operation to provide private labeling for our customers.