30 gallon Blue Poly Drum D021

30 Gallon Blue Poly Drum Closed Head – D021


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Product Description

30 Gallon Blue Poly Drum Closed Head- D021 

This 30 Gallon Blue Poly Drum has both a fine and a course thread bung opening, and a cap for each is included.  It is made from very durable HDPE which has a high strength to density ratio.

Perfect for Water Storage and Emergency Preparedness

Original Single L-Ring design for optimal handling and excellent resting, conveying and stacking stability.
There is a bottom indentation handle for easy use.
It has the Same dimensions as a steel drum for standardized handling and conveying.
This 30 gallon Blue Poly Drum meets World Standard DIN EN ISO 208 and UN approved for Liquid transport.

Drum only with bung closures, if you need a Siphon Pump (DP13), or a Spigot (M112A) – order separately

Capacity 30 Gallon
Color Blue
Material HDPE
Length 19.5
Width 19.5
Height 28
Case Pack 1
Pallet Pack 1
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