70-400 Natural Smooth PP Lid Unlined – L242C


Product Description

70-400 Natural Smooth PP Lid Unlined – L242C

Polypropylene (PP) is a naturally translucent material that provides an excellent moisture barrier. Polypropylene is very stable at high temperatures (up to 200°F), which allows it to be used in hot fill applications such as pancake syrup. In addition, it works very well to preserve the freshness and flavor of dried foods, which makes it ideal for storing spices, dried fruit, or flour. Polypropylene is also autoclavable (can withstand a strong, pressurized, steam-heated vessel for the purpose of sterilization) and offers the potential for steam sterilization. PP has excellent chemical resistance, but provides poor impact resistance in cold temperatures.

No special sealing features and no liner.

Color Natural
Material PP
Neck Finish 70-400
Lids/Closure Liner Unlined
Length 2.9
Width 2.9
Height .44
Case Pack 1271
Pallet Pack 30 Cases


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