8 oz Clear PVC Cylinder 24-410 – B322P


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Product Description

8 oz Clear PVC Cylinder 24-410 – B322P

Closures are sold separately

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is naturally clear (can be hazy in thicker forms), has extremely good resistance to oils, and has very low oxygen transmission. It provides an excellent barrier to most gases and its drop impact resistance is also very good. This semi-rigid material is also very chemically resistant, but it is vulnerable to solvents. Most PVC containers will distort at 160°F, making it incompatible with hot filled products. Since it provides a good oxygen barrier, PVC is an excellent choice for salad oil, mineral oil, and vinegar. It is also commonly used for shampoos and cosmetic products.

Capacity 8 oz
Color Clear
Material PVC
Neck Finish 24-410
Length 1.9
Width 1.9
Height 6.4
Case Pack 468
Pallet Pack 16


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