89-400 Black Ribbed/Matte PS22 SFYP Lined – L248B


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Product Description

89-400 Black Ribbed/Matte PS22 “Sealed For Your Protection” Lined- L248B

Foam Pressure Sensitive Liner – PS22 PS113

Torque activated pressure sensitive coating. Plain or printed “Sealed for Your Protection”.   Adheres to either glass or plastic.  When cap is removed liner sticks to the container.

Suggested product uses: dry products, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, food, and powders.

Not recommended for liquids.


Color Black
Material PP
Neck Finish 89-400
Lids/Closure Liner PS22
Length 3.7
Width 3.7
Height .6
Case Pack 420
Pallet Pack 30


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