Drum Siphon Hose – DP16


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Product Description

Drum Siphon Hose – DP16

Self Priming Drum Siphon Hose is 1/2 inch six foot long  and is perfect for Water Storage and Emergency Preparedness.  If you need to transfer water or a liquid from a higher level container to a lower, this is your answer.  To prime it, just insert the copper metal end in the source and shake it gently until the liquid starts siphon transferring to the lower destination.  There is no need to attach or thread into the containers in any way – all you need are openings!

Siphon Hose in action


not suitable for use with salt water aquariums or copper eroding chemicals.

Case  Pack 50

Length 10
Width 1
Height 1
Case Pack 50
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