Drum Pump DP12 with Barrel

Industrial Siphon/Drum Pump – DP12


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Product Description

Industrial Siphon/Drum Pump – DP12

Used for 55 gallon drums

siphon drum pump DP12,  for water storage, emergency preparedness

Heavy Duty siphon Pump DP12 with enclosed pump siphon bellows -perfect for Water or other liquids in a 55 gallon drum such as our D004B. The flexible output hose extends out to over four feet in length.

This Drum Pump can also be used with our 30 gallon Drum (D021C) and our 15 Gallon Drum (D032) by cutting the length of the inserted dip tube to fit the smaller drums.

If you have one of these, it sure beats tipping the drum on its side to pour the contents out! It even has a handy storage clip to keep the hose tip securely attached to the pump assembly and not letting it flap around to get contaminated by touching something it should’t, or catch on something as you move the drum.

Drum Pump DP12 eith Barrel

Drum Pump DP12 with Barrel

Case Pack 32


Length 3.5
Width 3.5
Height 45.5
Case Pack 32
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