Spring Storage Specials

Spring. The time has come to plant your garden, dust the blinds, air out the neglected corners of your house, and to rotate and evaluate your food and water storage. Got 30 gallons of water from 2012 sitting in your basement? Dump it on the tulip bed and replace it with fresh runoff. Do you have 50 lbs. of whole oats from the late 90s incubating the types of bacterial endospores that are still vulnerable to penicillin? Time to load the bird feeders, and get some fresh stock.

And since you’re digging around the jumble of your emergency supplies, why not take another look at your strategy? Our Spring Flyer is loaded with specials on plenty of useful and inspiring storage options. We’re offering great spring prices on the space saving efficiency of the P315 square pail, or the convenience of P091 Gamma seals, or the improved shelf-life of your dry goods by taking advantage of the gas barrier of the PET plastic in the B029 and combining it with the oxygen absorbing power of the PAX01.

Take a look at the options, then make a plan. Industrial Container and Supply Company is here to help you realize the full potential of your storage.