Spring Storage Specials

Spring. The time has come to plant your garden, dust the blinds, air out the neglected corners of your house, and to rotate and evaluate your food and water storage. Got 30 gallons of water from 2012 sitting in your basement? Dump it on the tulip bed and replace it with fresh runoff. Do you have 50 lbs. of whole oats from the late 90s incubating the types of bacterial endospores that are still vulnerable to penicillin? Time to load the bird feeders, and get some fresh stock. And since you’

Food and Water Storage Tips

Drums website Food and Water Storage Tips Emergency preparedness is a subject in which we at Industrial Container are very well versed. Here in the Mountain West, we have a long-standing and well known cultural interest in storing food and water against hard times, and we’ve also done business through a number peaks in national interest. We provided people with preparedness solutions through the Cold War, Y2K, a couple big hurricanes, and the currently popular “Prepper” movement. We know which contai

Child Resistant Packaging: Challenges and Opportunities

L319              You may hear it referred to as CR, or CRCs, or Child Resistant Packaging, but one thing that doesn’t change is the need to prevent children from gaining easy access to certain products.  This is a fact of life for many businesses we work with. Those who are operating in long established market sectors know exactly what the requirements are, and how they want to meet them. Others in emerging sectors, particularly those pioneers in the electronic cigarette or cannabis b

How Is Colored Glass Made?

Colored Glass You can probably instantly think of a few types of colored glass, from those amber beer bottles to cobalt blue tincture bottles. However, have you ever tried to figure out how this glass is made? Are you curious about what other colors are available? A number of materials are commonly used to color glass, including cobalt (thus the name!), lead, uranium, copper and even gold. Color is what you first notice about glass, and it’s usually one of its most beautiful elements. A glass containe

History of Industrial Container and Supply Company

History of Industrial Container and Supply Company Industrial Container and Supply Company, Utah’s leading distributor of containers, jars, drums and more, began as many successful small businesses, in a basement.  In 1962, Reid Johnson founded the company as a sole proprietor, the most common type of small business in America at that time.  Over 50 years ago, Johnson’s go-to product was the industrial gallon bottle, which was well received in the chemical indu

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